Bespoke and Personalised Coffins

If you like the idea of theming a loved one’s funeral after a particular hobby or personal interest, then you can also extend this to the design and decoration of the coffin by opting for a bespoke coffin.

The bespoke nature of these coffins comes from the range of personalisation available, focused on exterior aesthetic — this may be using certain patterns or colours, or even specific imagery or artwork. This has become a popular option, with many families finding great comfort in celebrating their loved ones’ life and personality in this unique manner.

We use highly regarded coffin manufacturers who will create beautiful bespoke coffins at your request. The team at Gore Brothers Ltd will be on hand to guide you through the wide range of options when it comes to choosing a bespoke coffin. You might feel overwhelmed by your options, or be unsure whether a certain theme would be suitable or feasible, but our team is here to offer clarity and support at every stage.

Serving those throughout Margate, Broadstairs & Ramsgate, Gore Brothers Ltd have nearly two hundred years of experience, so please don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss your arrangements.