Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Gore Brothers Ltd have provided supportive, compassionate funeral planning services throughout the local area for nearly two hundred years. With a prepaid funeral plan, you can ensure that all the essential arrangements are taken care of well in advance, making this stressful time more straightforward and manageable for your family and loved ones.

We provide Golden Charter funeral planning, which includes our ‘Simple Way’ plan — an easy way to plan a funeral service, with the close guidance of our experienced team.

Our ‘Simple Way’ plan includes the following arrangements:

  • The funeral director’s services
  • Handling all necessary funeral arrangements
  • Advice on the Certification and Registration of Death
  • Advice on all related documentation
  • Standard oak-veneered coffin, ideal for burial or cremation
  • Local conveyance of the deceased from the place of death in mainland UK to a suitable resting place within 10 miles*
  • The care of the deceased prior to burial or cremation
  • A hearse to a local cemetery or crematorium
  • Cremation fee, or an amount towards the cost of burial**
  • Fees payable to doctors and clergy or celebrant
  • Viewing and other services are available at additional cost

*Conveyance during normal office hours
**There may be no further costs if there is an existing plot

In addition, the Simple Way plan also includes an allowance to cover third-party costs which fall outside of a funeral director’s control. These include fees for: the crematorium, cemetery, doctors, clergy or celebrant. Please note, if these costs increase more than the growth of this plan, there may be a balance to pay.

Funeral arrangements made with a Golden Charter funeral plan provide complete reassurance to you and your loved ones. Payment can be made either as a one-off sum or as regular instalments, and don’t worry, costs will remain in-line with today’s prices, meaning you will avoid any future rises.

To discuss our funeral planning services in Margate, Broadstairs, Ramsgate and the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to contact us today.