Funeral Coffins

Choosing the right coffin for your loved one’s funeral is a difficult, emotionally exhausting decision, but is one that can be made easier with the support and advice from the team at Gore Brothers Ltd.

Serving those throughout Margate, Broadstairs, Ramsgate and surrounding areas, we have a range of beautiful coffins to choose from with every budget and style preference catered for, and our sympathetic team are on hand to advise at all times.

In addition to traditional coffins — both solid wood and veneered — we also have a range of eco coffins if you’d like to make the service more sustainable.
Our team will talk you through the different coffin designs available, offering all the support you need to ensure you select a fitting tribute for your loved one.


There is a subtle design difference between coffins and caskets, with a casket taking a rectangular shape and using more wood during construction. At Gore Brothers Ltd, we offer a full range of burial caskets for you to choose from, including a selection of hardwood caskets and mahogany caskets. Whether you select a coffin or casket, you can also personalise the design, colour of the exterior, as well as the fabric lining the interior.

Decisions like these never have to be made alone, so contact the supportive team at Gore Brothers Ltd to discuss the range of funeral caskets and coffins available for your loved one.