Simple, Low Cost Funerals

The supportive team at Gore Brothers Ltd can provide a simple funeral service for those looking for something more modest for their loved one.

Simple funerals provide a dignified, straightforward service, allowing you to say goodbye to your loved one without complications or added stress. You can keep your funeral service more reserved and basic when it comes to the initial planning and the ceremony itself, you can rest assured that we treat simple funerals with the same level of respect, sympathy and professionalism as any other service.

Simple funerals can be kept small, allowing friends, family and those close to your loved one to pay their respects in a more intimate setting. The team at Gore Brothers Ltd will advise on all arrangements, including the choice of simple coffin, transportation and the burial or cremation itself, helping to take the toll of this difficult task off your shoulders.

Affordable Funerals In Margate, Broadstairs & Ramsgate

By choosing an affordable funeral service, you can ease the financial burden often associated with planning a funeral — while still providing a touching, respectful farewell to the departed.

At Gore Brothers Ltd, we can help to arrange inexpensive funerals throughout Broadstairs, Margate,  Ramsgate & the surrounding areas. Whether you require a service that helps to keep things within budget, or you’d like to respect the wishes of someone who wouldn’t have wanted any fuss, low-cost funeral services are a sensible choice for many.
If you’d like to discuss our simple, affordable funerals, please contact the friendly team at Gore Brothers Ltd.