Themed Funerals

In recent years, themed funerals have gained popularity and can alleviate much of the stress and difficulty associated with planning a funeral for a loved one, as it emphasizes their passions rather than their passing.

If your loved one had a strong attachment to a particular hobby or interest, you can incorporate it as the focal point of their funeral, creating a ceremony that honours their life by highlighting their distinct personality.

At Gore Brothers Ltd, we offer a fully supportive service to help you create a personalised funeral for your loved one. We understand the significance of every aspect of a themed funeral and our team works closely with you, providing unwavering support at every stage.

Customised Funerals In Margate, Broadstairs & Ramsgate

The level of personalisation associated with a customized funeral allows many families to bid farewell to their loved one in a unique way. The planning involved in a customised funeral means that almost every aspect of the service can be tailored to your specific wishes and those of your loved one.

If your loved one had a favourite song, flower, or colour, we can easily incorporate these into the service. We provide advice on every decision or idea you may have, from the style and design of the chosen coffin to different options for transportation and music. We can source the coffin you have in mind, which will be crafted with care and precision. Bespoke options like these can help create a more comforting atmosphere for the service itself and also aid in the bereavement process.

Whether you have a theme in mind or would like to explore the options available for personalization in Margate, Broadstairs, Ramsgate, & the surrounding areas. Please contact our friendly and empathetic team.